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Which In-Game Ads Are Most Common?

The US mobile user base is increasing

January 8, 2016

Most mobile games in the market are free-to-play, thanks in large part to advertising. According to October 2015 data, interstitial formats are the most popular ads served within these games.

Research from deltaDNA looked at the types of in-game ads served in free-to-play mobile games. More than two-thirds of mobile game professionals worldwide said they used interstitial ads in their games, making them the most common type of in-game advertising. Rewarded ads are also popular, according to 56% of respondents.

Only 17% mobile game professionals said they served native ads in their free-to-play mobile games. Traditional banners were more than twice as common.

Playing games is one of the top media activities conducted via smartphones, according to data from Deloitte. Almost half of respondents said they had played games on their smartphones over the past week. The ages of the respondents ranged from 18 to 75. Even for the oldest group, ages 65 to 75, fully 30% had played a mobile game in the previous seven days.

Overall, the US mobile gaming user base is large and growing. In 2016, there will be 180.4 million mobile phone gamers, eMarketer estimates.

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