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Which Digital Video Ad Lengths Do Canada's Advertisers Prefer?

Geotargeting is No. 1 advanced targeting technique for digital video ads

Advertisers in Canada using digital video as part of their campaigns are pretty evenly split on how big a spot they need for their branding-oriented efforts, according to Q2 2014 data from video ad platform Videology. The firm reported that just over half of all digital video impressions served in Canada over its platform during the period were 15 seconds long, vs. 45% that were 30 seconds long.

Digital Video Ad Impression Share in Canada, by Ad Length, Q2 2014 (% of total video impressions served by Videology)

A tiny sliver of ad serves fell between the two, at 20 seconds, suggesting there are currently two basic industry-standard video lengths digital advertisers are seriously considering. A large share of the campaigns tracked were from consumer goods brands (43%), with auto ads coming in second (14%) and alcohol, retail and telecom each accounting for another 8% of ads served.

While most of the ads served were targeted based only on demographic factors, 38% of all video impressions relied on more advanced targeting techniques.

Primary Targeting Criteria Used by Digital Video Advertisers in Canada, by Method, Q2 2014 (% of total video impressions served by Videology)

The most popular advanced technique was geotargeting, used by 62% of all ads served with advanced targeting options. Behavioral targeting led to significantly fewer video ad impressions.

Notably, just 4% of the advanced targeted ads were targeted to browser language—and that in an explicitly bilingual country, where native-language marketing to French speakers can be key for brands looking to appeal to a wide swathe of the population.

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