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WhatsApp is the Top Social Venue for Teens in Germany

Nine in 10 teens in the country use social networks

September 11, 2015

Teens in Germany—in what is perhaps universal in developed internet markets—are all about social networking, according to research. More than nine in 10 of the whole population ages 13 to 19 are participating.

Social Media Sites/Apps Used Daily by Teens in Germany, March 2015 (% of respondents)

But their top stop isn’t Facebook.

Instead, according to March 2015 polling by iconkids & youth, it’s WhatsApp. Eighty-three percent of young people queried in person about their social media site and app usage said they used Facebook-owned WhatsApp on a daily basis, vs. 77% who said the same of Facebook itself.

No other social platforms came close. Instagram, also owned by Facebook, was a daily destination for 18% of respondents, while just 10% needed a dose of Twitter each day.

WhatsApp was also more likely to be used multiple times per day, at 78%, compared to Facebook, at 67%.

As far back as May 2014, mobile phone internet users in Argentina were more likely to use WhatsApp than Facebook to communicate. In Brazil, in April 2015, smartphone owners in Brazil were more likely to use the WhatsApp app than Facebook’s. While that’s not the case in the UK, WhatsApp has grown rapidly among teens recently, as Facebook has stagnated among the same group.

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