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WhatsApp Enjoys the Distinction of Least-Uninstalled Android App

Those who install social apps seem to use them with some regularity, especially Facebook and VK

March 7, 2016

WhatsApp has the distinction of being the least uninstalled Android app worldwide. Over a 24-month period, WhatsApp was uninstalled at a rate of 6.2%, 1.5 percentage points less often than its closest competitor, Yandex Search.

Top 10 Apps Among Android Users Worldwide, Ranked by Lowest 24-Month Uninstall Rate, Aug 2015

According to a February 2016 report by SimilarWeb, even a very successful app like Pandora—10th-fewest uninstalls over 24 months—was uninstalled at a rate of more than 13% over that period. Very few of the top 10 are social networking sites—only VK, which has uninstalls at a rate of 10.3%—which may suggest that, in a fast-flowing world, users are often ready to drop one social app for the next. However, the presence of social apps for messaging suggests that other social functions may be more sticky on mobile.

Those who do install social networking apps seem to use them with some regularity, especially Facebook and VK. Facebook is installed at a rate of nearly 87%, with a usage rate hovering just under 70%. VK has an install rate of 90%; its usage rate is just over 50%.

Twitter’s figures, however, tell a different story.

Social App Install vs. Usage Retention Rates* Among Android Users Worldwide, by App, Aug 2015

While Twitter is downloaded and installed at a rate of 84%—higher than almost any other social app—its usage rate is far lower than many of its competitors, at 22.9%. While other social apps—say, Instagram, with its 83.5% install rate and its 39.1% usage rate—also exhibit large disparities between install and usage, no other app—s rates are so extremely different.

SimilarWeb’s report shows that even if you’re able to get Android users to refrain from uninstalling your app, it can be very difficult to get them to actually use it.

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