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What Social Media Marketers Are Doing in Germany

Increases in blogging and user collaboration may be on the horizon

December 29, 2015

Social media marketing is one of the most common digital tactics employed by marketing decision-makers in Germany, according to 2015 research, and many are planning to add new elements to their social plans.

Usage of Select Social Media Marketing Channels Among Marketing Decision-Makers in Germany, June 2015 (% of respondents)

According to June 2015 polling by Kontor Digital Media, 87% of marketing decision-makers in Germany use social media to host a profile for their company, a figure that is not expected to change much—just 2% said they did not currently had a profile but planned to get one.

While only 27% of respondents currently use in-house blogs, a solid 40% said they planned to use them, which could make it more common than paid social media campaigns, for example. Collaboration with power users is also set to take a larger role in social media marketing: 42% of those surveyed say they already do collaborate, with another 25% planning to do so.

There was also a notable planned increase in use of online contests. Just under three in 10 respondents used contests when they were surveyed in June, but 19% more were thinking about doing so.

Social Media Marketing Goals According to Marketing Decision-Makers in Germany, June 2015 (% of respondents)

Most respondents agreed they had a number of goals for these efforts. The top two—both at 96% of respondents—included making it easier to reach targeted groups and making the brand more personal.. Increasing brand awareness, client loyalty and traffic all came in at 92%, which makes it clear that the most important goals of social media marketing are to get more attention to the product—more traffic, more awareness—and to solidify and personalize that attention, especially with regard to customer loyalty.


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