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What Are the Most Challenging Best Practices?

Marketers are building better relationships with IT

February 4, 2016

Best practices can help businesses run more efficiently, but sometimes identifying and integrating them internally is challenging, according to December 2015 research.

Most Challenging Best Practices to Implement for Enabling Innovation According to Business Executives Worldwide, Dec 2015 (% of respondents)

In a survey by General Electric (GE) and Edelman Berland, which asked respondents to choose their three most challenging best practices to implement for enabling innovation, almost half (43%) of business executives worldwide said that creating a connected culture where idea-sharing is facilitated and where all the contributing parties are recognized and rewarded was one of them.

And nearly the same amount of respondents said that creating a set of metrics to decide which product or service should be funded or killed, as well as having a clear process and structure in place to manage innovation, were among the most challenging best practices to implement.

Rewarding innovative people was a challenge for many business executives. For example, 35% of respondents said that rewarding those within the organization who create the next innovation that will make one of their products or services obsolete was one of the most challenging best practices to implement for enabling innovation. And one-third of business executives said that encouraging and rewarding innovative people was challenging.

More marketers are looking to build a good relationship within their organization, including the IT department.

And based on research from Robert Half/Creative Group, marketers may be doing their fair share of that work. Nearly seven in 10 ad and marketing execs polled said they tasked employees in the two departments to work more closely with each other, vs. 47% of CIO respondents who said the same.

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