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What Mcommerce-Related Challenges Are Retailers Facing?

Nearly half of retailers said their competitors have raised the bar on mobile and they need to respond

May 3, 2016

Consumers expect to use their mobile device as part of their shopping experience, and according to February 2016 research, nearly two-thirds of US retailers understand that’s where they need to be.

Leading Mcommerce-Related Challenges and Priorities According to US* Retailers, Feb 2016 (% of respondents)

Retail Systems Research (RSR) surveyed 72 retailers worldwide. Some 64% of respondents said that meeting this mobile expectation was a top challenge. Additionally, nearly half of US retailers said their competitors have raised the bar on mobile and they need to respond, and 44% of respondents said they are seeing significant traffic from mobile sources and need to respond.

Retailers also said they are worried about consumer privacy concerns over how retailers collect or use data, and want to understand and accommodate how different customer segments engage with them via mobile.

Stage of the Path to Purchase During Which US Mobile Buyers Feel It Is Most Critical to Have a Great Experience*, June 2015 (% of respondents)

Overall, mobile is affecting the traditional path to purchase. As mobile usage becomes ubiquitous, the path to purchase is becoming less defined. Shoppers are always connected, well-informed and often quick to convert both digitally and in-store.

Even though a subpar experience would be unwelcome during any phase of shopping, US mobile buyers surveyed by Contact Solutions in June 2015 were less concerned with points along the journey (product comparison ranked highest) and thought the most critical stage was while using the product itself (25.9%).

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