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What Makes Streamers Abandon Video Content?

Mobile video and live streams risk losing viewers to buffering content

February 25, 2013

According to video optimization company Conviva, most online video viewers deem a few seconds too long to wait for a video to load. The longer content takes to load and buffer the less likely consumers are to stick with it. In Conviva’s study of video experiences, the company found that content length, device type, and whether or not the content is streamed live affects how a video will load, and how consumers will respond to it.

Conviva found live-streamed videos took longer to load than other online video content, and correspondingly, also led to the highest percentage of user abandonment. According to the findings, 18% of online video viewers worldwide had abandoned live videos before they began, compared to only 6% for short-form video-on-demand (defined as under 15 minutes) and 4% of long-form video-on-demand (defined as over 15 minutes).

Online Video Viewers Worldwide Who Abandon Videos Before They Start, by Format, 2012 (% of total)

It seems that mobile devices have more loading and buffering issues than PC devices. According to Conviva’s data, almost 55% of online video views on iOS devices had a problem with buffering, compared to 50% of video views on Xbox, 49% on Android, and only 36% on PCs using Flash.

Online Video Views with Problems Buffering Worldwide, by Device, 2012 (% of total)

In terms of successful video starts, Xbox and Android had the most trouble. Conviva found that 18% of Xbox online video views never successfully started, 17.5% of Android never did either, and the same for 14% of iOS videos. Again, PC streams proved most successful, with only 11% of views never starting.

Video abandonment holds important ramifications for video marketers. Marketers must be conscious of aligning with platforms and content types that are more likely to load and play successfully. After all, the video streaming market is on a huge upswing.

US Digital Video Viewers, 2010-2016

According to eMarketer estimates, US digital video viewers will make up 56% of the population in 2013 and nearly 73% of internet users. By 2016, there will be 201 million digital video viewers, making up 61% of the population and 77% of all internet users.

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