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What Makes the Perfect Mobile Ad?

Many teens and millennials want to be able to easily share it

October 12, 2016

When it comes to the elements that would make a “perfect” mobile ad, US teen and millennial internet users say they care more about whether they can save and access it later and less about the ad’s relevance to them.

Elements that Would Make the

In May 2016, Verve Mobile surveyed 3,000 US internet users ages 14 to 29 and asked them which elements would be key to a “perfect” mobile ad experience. The responses were a bit surprising. For instance, more than a third said they wanted to be able to easily share a mobile ad, and nearly half (46%) said they wanted to save the ad and be able to access it later. Given that many users find ads to be annoying, it’s hard to imagine that some would want to save an ad and view it later—unless, of course, it had an offer or incentive attached to it.

Some responses, however, were more typical of consumer attitudes toward ads. Nowadays people crave personalized content, and teens, as well as millennials, expect that from the “perfect” mobile ad. Indeed, 39% of teen and millennial internet users said they wanted the ad to be customized based on products they want to buy, and fewer—said they wanted the “perfect” mobile ad to be relevant in terms of proximity and location.

Respondents also wanted to be able to add coupons or offers to their mobile wallet, as well as directly shop for products, via this ideal ad.

Brand Metrics on Which Mobile Expandable Banners vs. Ad Scrollers* Have a Positive Effect According to US Mobile Device Users, March 2016 (% of respondents)

Users see a variety of mobile ad types, from interstitial ads to standard mobile banners. According to research from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), Celtra, PadSquad and Millward Brown, mobile device users are more receptive to ad scrollers than expandable ads. Ad scrollers are a format that appears as a window revealing creative as the user scrolls. More than half of mobile device users who saw ad scrollers viewed a brand more favorably afterward, which was higher than the 46% of respondents who also had the same positive effect after exposure to expandable ads.

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