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What Can Machine Learning Do?

Use cases abound, with predictive analytics a top focus

June 29, 2016

Many IT executives in North America currently have—or plan to have—machine learning programs in place, according to research. Predictive analytics and recommender systems are some of the leading implementations.

Machine Learning Programs Implemented* by IT Executives in North America, Nov 2015 (% of respondents)

Data from 451 Research and Blazent revealed that more than two-thirds (67.3%) of respondents said they currently have machine learning programs for predictive analytics in place, or are planning to implement them. Additionally, 66.7% said they are currently using machine learning for recommender systems—or are planning to.

Furthermore, more than half (58.9%) of IT executives said they are using machine learning for cluster analysis and segmentation currently in place or plan to soon. Other machine learning programs that a minority of respondents said they have implemented—or will implement—include outlier detection and similarity search.

Tactics for Which IT Executives in North America Use* Machine Learning Programs, Nov 2015 (% of respondents)

Machine learning programs can be valuable to IT executives, especially in their marketing strategies. And 451 Research and Blazent also looked at specific use cases for which IT executives plan to use machine learning.

Nearly a third of respondents said that their organization’s machine learning program would be used for campaign and sales program optimization.

Other highly ranked use cases included data discovery and decision-making, as well as risk management and cybersecurity. Almost a quarter of respondents said their machine learning programs would be used for fraud detection or prevention. Some 24.4% also said their organization’s machine learning program would also be used for market and consumer segmentation.

Supply chain analytics, power generation management and social graph analysis were other use cases indicated.

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