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What Happens After the Video View?

Co-viewing leads to conversations

November 15, 2017

New research from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) found that people are more likely to talk about the products or brands they see—and even change someone’s mind about them—while co-viewing on over-the-top (OTT) devices than on linear TV.

According to IAB, co-viewing is the act of watching video content with others. And in general, the firm noted, co-viewing on OTT devices “tends to occur among younger viewers, and with strong brand engagement.”

Leading Ways in Which US Video Viewers Would Interact About Products/Brands While Co-Viewing*, by Platform, Oct 2017 (% of respondents)

In fact, over half (56%) of respondents who co-view OTT content said they talk about the products and brands they see. And nearly as many (45%) said they would change someone else’s mind about a product or brand they see during a co-viewing session.

Some respondents also indicated they may be likely to change their own minds about a product or brand when co-viewing.

Meanwhile, the study found that OTT co-viewers would be more likely to interact with products or brands, such as by searching for them online, than co-viewers watching on linear TV. But not by a significant margin.

When asked about the actions they take in response to the products and brands they see while co-viewing, a third of OTT co-viewers said they were likely to make a note to purchase a product later. By contrast, 24% of those who co-view on linear TV said they’d do the same.

What’s more, 32% of OTT co-viewers said they would purchase a product or a certain brand they see online, compared with 23% of linear TV co-viewers.

eMarketer estimates that there will be 193.3 million US OTT video service users this year, equating to 70.8% of internet users.

Rimma Kats


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