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What Concerns Advertisers About Digital Media Buying?

Brand marketers and media agencies are worried about click fraud, viewability

June 1, 2016

Both brand marketers and media agencies have concerns when it comes to their digital media buying and planning. According to April 2016 research, click fraud and viewability are a significant worry for both.

Concerns About Digital Media Buying/Planning According to US Media Agency vs. Brand Marketing Executives, April 2016 (% of respondents)

MyersBizNet surveyed 357 US advertising and marketing executives asked to rate their worries on 10-point scale. Responses in the 8 to 10 range were judged concerned. Majorities of both brand marketers and media agency executives said that click fraud was a concern, however, more brand marketers were worried.

Similarly, bot traffic and ad blocking bothered majorities in both groups, but again more brand marketers said it was compared to media agency executives. In contrast, more media agency execs said that lack of audience data, as well as high-frequency exposure, were a concern when it came to their digital media buying and planning.

Most Important Media Quality Indicator According to US Digital Media Buyers* vs. Suppliers**, Nov 2014 (% of respondents)

Overall, ad fraud, including click fraud, is a top display advertising concern, according to US digital media buyers, including agencies, brands, marketers and trading desks, as well as suppliers, which includes ad networks, demand-side platforms (DSPs), exchanges, publishers and supply-side platforms (SSPs). Indeed, research from Integral Ad Science found that a third of buyers and almost half of suppliers were concerned about ad fraud.

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