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What Brands Can Do to Win the Trust of Women

Providing good customer experience is a start

March 15, 2017

Brand trust seems to matter more than ever, though it may be harder than ever to build that trust.

SheSpeaks and Womenkind recently conducted a study to find out how women in the US think about trust and loyalty when it comes to brands.

Extent to Which US Female Internet Users Trust Companies, by Industry, Feb 2017 (% of respondents)

The study found that most women are skeptical of advertising. Nearly three in four US female internet users polled said they trust advertising “very little” or “not at all,” while just one in five said they trust it “somewhat” or “a lot.”

Women are also distrustful of certain industries, though some fare better than others.

When asked about which industries they trust—or don’t trust—respondents in the survey were most likely to deem companies in the packaged goods, nonprofit, technology and beauty and personal care industries the most trustworthy. In contrast, women said they trusted companies in the financial services, automotive and healthcare industries “very little” or “not at all.”

Factors that Make Companies/Brands More Trustworthy According to US Female Internet Users, Feb 2017 (% of respondents)

There are certain things that companies and brands can do to gain the trust of women. Respondents in the survey were most likely to agree that their level of trust increases when brands respond to customer feedback, or when brands actually seem concerned about their reputation.

Providing good customer service, living up to their promises, producing quality products and treating their employees well were other factors that made brands more trustworthy among women, the study found.

—Alison McCarthy

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