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Weekly Web Usage on the Rise in Quebec

Month-to-month variations, but a clear upward trend in usage

Internet usage in Quebec has risen significantly year-over-year, according to research by CEFRIO. The number of adults in the province who use the internet at least weekly rose from just under 77% in June 2013 to nearly 85% a year later.

Internet Users in Quebec, June 2013-June 2014 (% of respondents)

Growth wasn't steady over the course of the year, with ups and downs from month to month, but showing clear upward directionality.

French-speakers, though, tend not to be as heavy users of the internet as the general population of Canada. Data from BBM Analytics shows that average weekly time spent online varies significantly by language preference—and though French speakers have been spending more time online each year, it hasn't been enough to close the gap with the rest of the population.

Average Weekly Time Spent Online by French-Speaking* vs. Total Internet Users in Canada, 2010-2013 (hours)

Overall, eMarketer estimates that 77.9% of the population of Canada will use the internet at least monthly this year—a lower frequency than CEFRIO's numbers, and an estimate that includes individuals of all ages, not just adults.

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