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Wearable Devices Shift from Accessories to Ad Platforms

Between 2013 and 2018, wearable device connections to jump more than 704.5%

April 9, 2014

Wearable tech sales are on the rise, and advertisers are taking note—at least according to an April 2014 article from Advertising Age, which referenced several industry professionals who believed smartwatches would become an ad platform within the next few years.

Wearable Device Connections and Data Traffic Worldwide, 2013-2018

Data released in February 2014 by Cisco Systems gave some insight into wearable device usage—and forecast it would see massive growth in the coming years. Wearable device connections were expected to rise from 22 million in 2013 to 177 million in 2018—a jump of more than 704.5%. In addition, the source estimated that data traffic, which stood at two petabytes per month in 2013, would reach 61 petabytes monthly in 2018.

And while the average monthly mobile data traffic on wearable devices worldwide was 78 MB per month in 2013, Cisco Systems estimated that this would grow 342.3% to hit 345 MB per month in 2018. However, this still trailed all other devices tracked, with the exception of nonsmartphones.

Average Monthly Mobile Data Traffic per Device Worldwide, by Device Type, 2013 & 2018 (MB per month)

Advertisers aren’t the only ones looking to jump on the smart device bandwagon. In January 2014 polling by Accenture, 39% of senior executives worldwide cited wearable technology, such as smartwatches and exercise devices, as an emerging technology they would likely consider as part of their future digital/IT agenda. This was the second-highest response, trailing low-energy components and connectivity standards by 2 percentage points.


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