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Want More Pinterest Followers? Take Some Tips from Nordstrom

Nordstrom's use of Pinterest makes its followers feel like a privileged group

March 14, 2014

A quick look at the top 20 retailers on Pinterest as tracked by eMarketer shows three companies with a clear edge over everyone else: Nordstrom, Lowe’s and lululemon. All three have over a million Pinterest followers, with Nordstrom leading the pack with more than 4.4 million. After those three, the next highest total is Anthropologie, with 428,991. From the numbers alone, it looks like the Big Three have figured something out about Pinterest that others could study.

Nordstrom in particular has tried various ways to get the most from the platform. The strategy revolves around the idea of making its followers feel like a privileged community. The retailer takes pains to show that what its followers like makes a difference in merchandising decisions. It’s done this in a few innovative ways.

In fall 2013, Nordstrom made a lot of noise when it started placing little tags with the Pinterest logo in its brick-and-mortar stores next to products that had the most pins. While the strategy had a clear in-store purpose of driving sales via a crowdsourced recommendation, it also looped back to the digital platform and encouraged even more shoppers to become followers. Within the Pinterest platform, it has a Top Pins board, which again serves the dual purpose of giving recommendations and empowering pinners.

Unlike many retailers that have dabbled with Pinterest, Nordstrom has committed itself to interacting on Pinterest and making its followers feel like a privileged group. By continuing to push boundaries, it’s been able to stay on top as the leading Pinterest retailer.

The number of followers shouldn’t be the end goal of any retailer’s social strategy. The goal is to increase conversions and sales. That said, Nordstrom’s success in gaining Pinterest followers reflects its successful efforts to engage its shoppers on the platform. The retailer is well placed to take advantage of opportunities as Pinterest adds more direct social commerce plugins.

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