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Voice Technology Usage in the US Tops Worldwide Average

Study finds about half of US smartphone owners use it weekly

June 29, 2017

US smartphone users are more likely to use voice-enabled technology than those in the rest of the world.

A June 2017 study of smartphone owners worldwide from J. Walter Thompson (JWT), The Innovation Group (JWT’s in-house think tank) and Mindshare Futures found that just under half of US respondents (49%) used their voice assistants on a weekly basis, compared with 31% of global respondents.

Frequency with Which Smartphone Owners in the US vs. Worldwide Use Voice-Enabled Technology*, June 2017 (% of respondents)

The survey also turned up some evidence that international users haven’t found the experience to be a positive one: 18% of worldwide respondents said they had used voice-enabled technology just once or twice, compared with 10% in the US.

The study also examined the various ways smartphone owners used voice assistants, including doing online searches, checking the weather or finding a local business. Across the board, US respondents were more likely to use voice-enabled technology.

The JWT/Mindshare data suggests a significantly higher usage level of voice technology in the US than eMarketer’s latest estimate, which puts the total number of voice-enabled digital assistant users at 27.5% of all smartphone users in 2017. Millennials make up the biggest group of users, according to eMarketer estimates, with 29.9 million using voice-enabled digital assistants at least once a month this year.

Monica Melton

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