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Viewers in China Not Loving Digital Video Ads

But they still rate better than several traditional formats

September 9, 2015

Digital video is popular in China, but ads much less so, according to research. Viewers reported overwhelmingly negative feelings toward the ads, but that doesn't mean they don't work.

Primary Attitude Toward Digital Video Ads Among Digital Video Viewers in China, Feb 2015 (% of respondents)

OMD and AdMaster found in February that 87% of digital video viewers in China had a primarily negative attitude toward video ads. But the same research found ad recall rates reaching 58% among viewers on PCs and 47% among viewers on tablets and smartphones.

Ad, brand and product recall were all best after viewers saw 15-second ads, rather than 30-second spots.

In other relatively good news for digital video advertisers in China, digital video ads were the second-most-preferred ad format among digital video viewers, at 23%, after TV ads, at 24%. A variety of outdoor, print and mobile ad formats rated worse than digital video.

One reason for the hostility to digital video ads could be that viewers are generally watching in the first place to "kill time," with 34% of respondents to an April 2015 survey by OMD, AdMaster and Mintel selecting this option.

That poll of digital video viewers in China found they most appreciated funny content (35%) and good stories (33%), suggesting humorous ads may grate less than average.

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