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Video Is the Next Frontier for Email Marketers

One out of four already use video in email messages

June 19, 2013

On paper, the blending of video with email marketing might make perfect sense. Opt-in email marketing takes much of the guesswork out of hitting target audiences, and consumers have shown an almost insatiable demand for online video. However, a February 2013 survey of marketing executives conducted by The Relevancy Group found that only one-quarter of them had used video in email marketing campaigns.

Forty-three percent of marketers said they didn't use videos in email messaging simply because they lacked the content, making it the most prominent obstacle to the practice. That was followed by the added costs of producing videos (27%), videos figuring low on the priority list (24%) and skepticism that video would improve email campaign performance (22%).

Reasons that US Marketing Executives Do Not Use Video in Email Marketing, Feb 2013 (% of respondents)

Despite the slow incorporation of video into email marketing, 81% of respondents were at least somewhat likely to start putting videos into their emails, indicating a change could be close on the horizon.

Respondents who had used videos in their email campaigns saw real returns on their investments. Fifty-five percent reported higher clickthrough rates, 44% saw an increase in the amount of time subscribers spent with an email, and 41% reported an increase in the sharing or forwarding of emails.

Benefits of Using Video in Email Marketing According to US Marketing Executives, Feb 2013 (% of respondents)

For retailers especially, online video can serve a crucial role during the path to purchase. Online video’s rise also coincides with the growing importance attached to content marketing, and can be used to connect in new ways with consumers who may be tuning out more traditional messaging. eMarketer estimates that digital video ad spending in the US will grow from $4.1 billion in 2013 to $9.1 billion in 2017, while email ad spending will climb from $229.3 million to $256 million over the same period.

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