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Unified View Helps Execs Predict Customer Needs

Predictive marketing will be a key piece of the marketing stack

March 1, 2016

Predictive marketing is becoming important among marketers. In fact, more than six in 10 executives worldwide said that achieving a more complete view of the customer helped them more accurately predict customer needs and desires. That made it the leading benefit of a unified customer view.

Benefits of Achieving a More Complete/Unified View of the Customer According to Executives Worldwide, Oct 2015 (% of respondents)

According to an October 2015 survey from Forbes Insights and SAS research, 63% of executives worldwide said so. Improving customer experience and service was another benefit to achieving a more complete view of a consumer, according to 60% of respondents.

Additionally, greater feedback for product innovation, as well as greater ability to target and optimize for specific customers were also benefits, according to more than half of executives worldwide.

US B2B Marketing Professionals Who Believe Predictive Marketing Will Be a Key Piece of the Marketing Stack, Sep 2015 (% of respondents)

Marketers are continually using data to better understand their customers. A survey by Econsultancy found that the most common use of data modeling was for attribution, among both client-side marketers and agency professionals worldwide, followed by calculating customer lifetime value.

And predictive marketing will be a key piece of the marketing stack, especially for B2B marketers. Indeed, more than two-thirds of US B2B marketing professionals at the director level or higher believe so.

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