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Uncovering the Value in Content Marketing with Wal-Mart Canada

September 21, 2016 | Marketing

Heather Loosemore
Senior Director, Marketing and Communications
Wal-Mart Canada

Shoppers look for value and quality when viewing content, according to Heather Loosemore, senior director of marketing and communications at Wal-Mart Canada. eMarketer’s Sean Creamer spoke with Loosemore about how the brand leverages content marketing.

eMarketer: What are some themes Wal-Mart Canada’s content marketing strategy focuses on?

Heather Loosemore: Content takes many forms for us because our product selection is vast. Our focus is always on value, requiring us to balance the communication of price and quality. We investigate why Wal-Mart is meaningful in their lives right now, and we build stories around that.

Two stories are seasonal refreshes on a budget and keeping the kids happy and mom sane while loading groceries into her trunk. Whatever is meaningful in her life, [whatever] makes her life easier, that’s what we talk to her about, and that’s the theme.

eMarketer: How will Wal-Mart Canada ensure it is addressing consumer needs?

Loosemore: Our insights team is constantly [analyzing] the needs of the consumers. Not just yearly, but month to month and week to week. In addition, our Wal-Mart Media Group has an incredible amount of direct shopper data.

“Our insights team is constantly [analyzing] the needs of the consumers.”

A lot of times content marketing programs occur and there isn’t strong research, a test-and-control or learn-and-adapt strategy behind it, and so you can never truly [understand] the value it delivered.

eMarketer: How will Wal-Mart Canada utilize media across publishers and digital devices?

Loosemore: We ask ourselves what efficiencies we can drive by creating more than one piece of content at a time. Content for us is native within our own properties or native to the platform that it’s delivered on. Every publisher in this market has a native content delivery solution.

eMarketer: Where are Wal-Mart Canada consumers watching their media?

Loosemore: We’re seeing people consuming shorter videos, Instagram stories, Vine—you’re looking at 5 to 10 seconds to tell a story. You can’t [measure] a 30-second spot against that type of content.

eMarketer: How will Wal-Mart scale the brand message across devices?

Loosemore: You have to use the right medium. You’re looking at high amounts of mobile usage, specifically moms [using mobile]. [Consumers] being mobile-first is huge, but TV is always going to drive mass awareness. Lastly, display and video display media are always going to push traffic.

eMarketer: Does Wal-Mart Canada experiment with new platforms?

Loosemore: We wait until something is really a part of the texture of our consumers’ everyday life. We’re not going to be innovators in those formats. We want to get the best prices for our customers in the stores [and reach them on devices they are accustomed to using].

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