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US Video Advertisers Focus on Omnichannel Campaigns

Only a few campaigns are device-specific

May 13, 2016

Digital video advertisers want their campaigns to reach viewers no matter the device, according to data from one video ad platform.

US Digital Video Ad Campaign Share, by Device, Q1 2016 (% of total campaigns served by Videology)

In Q1 2016, 60% of all US campaigns served on Videology’s platform were delivered across three devices: PC, mobile and connected TV.

Another 24% of campaigns dropped connected TV from the equation, choosing instead to cater to only PC and mobile. PC- or mobile-only campaigns made up a collective 15% of all campaigns served.

And it comes as no surprise, of course, that above all else, campaigns value viewability—52% of campaigns listed it as an objective, though about half also listed viewthrough rate as an objective. This figure is higher than the 38% of campaigns who said an objective was clickthrough rate, which suggests that advertisers are more focused on branding with these campaigns.

Campaign Objectives of US Digital Video Ads, Q1 2016 (% of total campaigns served by Videology)

Beyond demographic criteria for digital video ads—100% of campaigns used it, according to Videology—campaigns frequently used behavioral information when targeting viewers. Two in five also used geotargeting. Campaigns don’t just want to know your demographic status: They want to know who you are and where you've been.

eMarketer estimates US digital video ad spending to total $9.84 billion in 2016, a 28.5% change from the previous year. Furthermore, we forecast growth to $11.72 billion in 2017 and $16.69 billion by 2020.

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