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US Lags Behind Other Countries in Plans to Add Most Marketing Tech Tools

Survey finds predictive rates highly, while four other countries experiment with variety of tech

February 1, 2017

As technology plays a bigger role in marketing departments, certain tools are used more widely in the US than in other countries—and other tools are used sparingly. A November 2016 study by Marketo, which surveyed 620 marketers in the US, Australia, France, Germany and the UK, shows how US marketers compare with their peers elsewhere.

Technologies that Marketers in Select Countries Plan to Include in Their Marketing Strategies in 2017 (% of respondents)

Predictive was the primary technology US marketers said they planned to use for their strategic marketing in 2017, with nearly 70% of respondents pointing to it—the highest proportion of any country surveyed. Predictive marketing is the use of data science to determine which marketing actions are likely to succeed and which are likely to fail.

Predictive tools were less important in other countries. In the UK and Germany, for example, predictive was cited by 24.0% and 18.0% of respondents, respectively. But the US preference was significant enough to push the global total in favor of predictive technology, at 41.6%.

While US marketers showed a strong commitment to predictive tools, marketers in other countries didn’t have an overwhelming preference for any one of the categories, pointing to continued experimentation with the gamut of emerging technologies. In Australia, 44.0% of marketers planned to use internet of things (IoT) technologies strategically in 2017, while 42.0% cited virtual reality tools and 40.0% noted machine learning. The data revealed a similar trend in France, Germany and the UK: IoT technology had an edge in adoption, but other tools were not far behind.

A growing focus on the IoT is to be expected, as nearly 56% of global marketers surveyed by Marketo said they anticipated that their customers would use IoT devices this year. In the US, the onus on marketers to think about the IoT is even greater: roughly 63% of US marketers said they expected their customers to use IoT devices in 2017. But in the US, only 29.1% of marketers said they would include IoT technologies in their 2017 strategies.

According to Marketo’s survey, marketers worldwide were least enthusiastic about augmented reality (AR) tools, but that’s not to say that some didn’t see major potential in it. On a global scale, only 16.1% of marketers said they planned to add AR tools to their marketing strategy this year, but more than 30% of marketers in Australia and France said they would use it. Only 5.5% of US marketers named AR.

—Maria Minsker

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