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US Internet Users Prefer Money Off Their Purchase

Fewer respondents said they preferred a free gift with purchase

October 20, 2016

Many retailers offer consumers discounts to incentivize them to purchase something. And while these discounts typically come in the form of some percentage off, many US internet users say they prefer a dollar amount off the purchase.

Types of Discounts US Internet Users Prefer to Receive with Coupons, Oct 2016 (% of respondents)

Indeed, a large share of US internet users, nearly three-quarters, said they prefer to receive coupons with a dollar amount off the purchase, according to an October 2016 survey from AYTM Market Research.

More than half of respondents said they prefer to receive a percentage off the entire purchase, and almost as many said they prefer to receive a percentage off an item. Fewer internet users said they preferred to get a free gift with a purchase.

With percentage-off coupons, shoppers save more by spending more—which may end up being better for the retailer than for the savvy shopper. With dollar amounts off, shoppers likely feel less compelled to splurge. But, in turn, retailers may be less likely to see a bigger impulse purchase.

Actions that US Internet Users Would Take to Receive Significant* Savings, June 2016 (% of respondents)

Valassis, which provides direct mail media and marketing services, found that US internet users are really into discounts and coupons. So much so that nearly a quarter of respondents said they would do pretty much anything for 40% or more in savings.

Other internet users, for the most part, said they would perform only basic tasks to receive a discount, like signing up for an email newsletter, or filling out an online form.

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