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UK Young Adults React to Mobile Ads

Recall for mobile ads greatest among younger audience

May 30, 2013 | Demographics | Mobile

With over 60% of UK mobile users expected to be on smartphones this year, according to eMarketer estimates, mobile advertising investments are increasing rapidly. But even as marketers put more pounds to mobile, many are still trying to determine who pays attention to these ads.

In a March 2013 survey from comScore MobiLens, 38% of smartphone users ages 18 to 24 especially recalled viewing ads on a website or app while using their device, compared with only 27% of the general smartphone population. Younger consumers also showed more engagement with ads on mobile social networks, with 27% of younger respondents clicking on ads, as opposed to just 17% of total smartphone users in the UK.

Mobile Advertising Activities Among UK Smartphone Users, Ages 18-24 vs. Total, March 2013 (% of respondents in each group)

Younger respondents overindexed for all aspects of mobile advertising activity in comScore’s survey, including reading social network company posts and seeing in-game ads.

This trend is set to continue or even rise as young adult UK consumers are increasingly likely to use smartphones. eMarketer estimates that 84% of UK consumers ages 18 to 24 will use a smartphone this year, and increase to 98% by 2017.

UK Smartphone User Penetration, by Age, 2011-2017 (% of mobile phone users in each group)

As smartphone penetration rises among young adult consumers, and these users show high levels of engagement with mobile, mobile advertisers will increasingly look to target this demographic.

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