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UK Women Wake Up for Facebook

Many Brits, and especially women, start the day with social

March 22, 2016

When do you first check your social media accounts? Chances are, a growing proportion of you do so before you even leave the cozy confines of your duvet. According to February 2016 data from Kantar conducted by Lightspeed GMI, 18.4% of UK internet users first check their social media profile in bed when they wake up. This was the most popular daypart and was up from just 9.9% in November 2014.

Social Media Usage Among UK Internet Users, by Gender, Feb 2016 (% of respondents in each group)

Among one demographic group, in particular, starting the day with social is becoming something of a habit. The study found that the gender split between men and women was marked, with almost a quarter of female internet users signing in to social first thing in the morning vs. just 12.3% of males as of February 2016.

UK Mobile Phone Social Network User Metrics, by Gender, 2014-2020

Of course, many more people now conduct social networking on their mobile phones than ever before—eMarketer predicts that 86.1% of social network users will access their accounts via mobile phone in 2016. And eMarketer's numbers also echo—albeit not quite as loudly—the Lightspeed GMI trend for female dominance of this type of behavior. In 2016, 47.6% of mobile phone social network users will be male with the remaining 52.4% being female. A good number of these users evidently browse in bed.

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