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Are UK Tech Companies Making Full Use of Social Media?

Fewer B2Cs, more B2Bs use Facebook

February 12, 2013 | Social Media | Technology

Social media has firmly embedded itself in the marketing landscape, but many companies are still fine-tuning their approach to this relatively new channel. The tech-focused PR firm EML Wildfire examined how the companies included in Deloitte’s list of the UK’s 50 fastest-growing technology companies were using social media and engaging with consumers.

EML Wildfire found that LinkedIn was the most popular social network among this subset of firms, used by 98% of them in 2012. Twitter was a close second, employed by 82%. And while Facebook was used by 68% of the companies in 2012, that was actually a slight decrease from the previous year.

In fact, Facebook usage suffered a sharp dropoff in use among business-to-consumer tech companies, with all from Deloitte’s list using the social network in 2011, but only 83% using it 12 months later. Growth in the uptake of Facebook among business-to-business tech companies has offset that diminished usage somewhat, with about two-thirds of B2B brands assessed in the report using it in 2012, up significantly from roughly one-third in 2011.

Facebook Usage Among the Top 50 Fastest-Growing UK B2B and B2C Technology Companies*, 2010 & 2012 (% of companies)

The decline in UK tech companies using Twitter as an engagement tool was similarly precipitous. While 68% of the fastest-growing tech firms used it to connect with an audience in 2011, that figure fell sharply to 24% the next year. This is surprising given Twitter’s strength at fostering real-time conversations between brands and potential customers.

Twitter Usage for Customer Engagement Among the Top 50 Fastest-Growing UK Technology Companies*, 2011 & 2012 (% of companies)

These trends signal that, while UK tech companies are ensuring they are present on social networks, they may not have fully mastered the nuances of communicating with consumers there or are not sold on the return on investment of the channel.

Firms drawing down their social media presence somewhat may be keeping their emphasis on traditional communication channels. September 2012 research from contact center solutions provider Sitel and TNS Omnibus found consumers in Great Britain showed a clear preference for phones and email when it came to reaching customer service departments.

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