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In the UK, Real-Time Marketing Moves to Moment Marketing

Moment marketing set to become more mainstream in 2016

December 22, 2015

Real-time marketing has been a particularly hot topic since the famed appearance of “that” Oreo tweet/ad at 2013’s Superbowl. But while marketers in the UK have rushed to emulate such a successful campaign, recent research from Censuswide for “moment marketing” company TVTY showed how so-called real-time marketing campaigns are very often not particularly real time at all.

Digital marketers in the UK were asked how soon after offline events they were able to react by launching a digital marketing campaign. Only a quarter of respondents said they were able to respond within 10 minutes, with the majority—over 60%—stating a response time of more than 20 minutes.

Timeframe in Which UK Digital Marketers Are Able to React After Offline Events by Launching Digital Marketing Campaigns, Nov 2015 (% of respondents)

Running campaigns on the back of offline events in a timely manner needn’t necessarily be an exercise in reacting on-the-fly to such events. Indeed, eMarketer has already begun to move the conversation on from real-time marketing toward “right-time marketing,” and TVTY’s position in the marketplace occupies this space. It operates under the moniker of moment marketing, but the concept is the same. According to eMarketer, something delivered at the right time doesn’t necessarily have to be created in real time. Even if it was developed days or weeks before, if it is delivered at the optimal moment, it feels real time.

Expected Change in 2016 Moment Marketing* Spending According to UK Digital Marketers (% of respondents)

Lining up campaigns to run based on various offline triggers is something that’s gaining traction among UK marketers. Indeed, the Censuswide/TVTY research found that 67% of digital marketers in the UK expected to increase the amount of spend allocated to moment marketing in 2016—only 7% said they’d spend less.

This month, Deloitte and Warc published their six marketing predictions for 2016, and moment marketing was second on the list. TVTY’s data would seem to suggest that the UK’s digital marketers are already on the case.


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