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UK Publishers Feel Threatened by Ad Blocking

And the threat is growing

October 14, 2015

Internet users often complain about online advertising, and many have turned to ad blockers in order to do away with pop-up and banner advertising. Digital publishers, unsurisingly, feel differently.

Most Significant Business Threats According to UK Publishers, Aug 2015 (% of respondents)

According to August 2015 research by the UK’s Association of Online Publishers, UK publishers are deeply concerned about ad blocking as a threat to their business.

Almost two-thirds—65%—of those surveyed named ad blockers as the most significant business threat currently faced. There are other area of concern for publishers: 35% cited ad fraud, and another 35% expressed their worry about brands and agencies creating content. But with such a strong response to the threat of ad blocking, it’s worth exploring their attitudes in-depth.

Extent to Which Ad Blocking Software Is a Threat According to UK Publishers, Aug 2015 (% of respondents)

Not only do UK publishers worry about ad blocking, but they’re thinking about ways to counter it. With 35% seeing ad blocking as a growing threat that impacts business, another 27% are considering tactics like paywalls and registration. Another 23% see ad blockers as at least a minor challenge, so it’s clear that ad blocking is on the minds of many publishers.

On the positive side for publishers, ad blocking is less popular in the UK than many other European countries—though it’s also more widespread there than in the US.

With the advent of ad blockers and consumers’ wide embrace of them, publishers and advertisers alike will have to come up with solutions or workarounds while retaining their audiences.


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