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UK Podcast Listeners Favor Ads over Payment

Relevant ads don’t rankle

August 26, 2016

While it seems that podcasts are everywhere—whether they cover comedy, true crime, sports or technology—only about 33% of UK podcast listeners ages 18 and up have ever paid for one.

UK Podcast Listeners Who Have Paid for Podcasts, April 2016 (% of respondents)

In April 2016, a survey conducted by The7stars and DAX (Digital Audio Exchange) revealed that while about one in five of those queried said they have made a one-off podcast payment before—say, a special or exclusive podcast—just 11% of respondents said they paid for subscription podcasts.

Free podcasts are typically supported by advertising—or done by amateurs for no compensation, of course—and report sheds light on how UK podcast listeners feel about the podcast ads that support their free listening habit.

UK Podcast Listeners' Attitudes Toward Ads in Podcasts, April 2016 (% of respondents)

Over 60% of those surveyed agreed at least somewhat that they didn’t mind ads as long as the podcast is free. And there’s good news for podcasters, even those who still use ads in spite of charging for access: 56% said they didn’t mind ads during podcasts as long as they were relevant to the podcast topic.

This really opens up possibilities for podcasters, not only in terms of reaching audiences who are engaged with their topics, but also in monetizing their podcast or increasing monetization levels.

Advertisers, too, can benefit from this knowledge. A February 2016 report from ALF Insight reveals that 19% of UK marketers plan to use podcasts for marketing content in 2016, which means that, if they choose their hosts well, podcast ads can be mutually beneficial for both marketers and podcasters.

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