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UK Marketers Embrace a Content Strategy

In-house content creation getting more attention, resources

February 8, 2013

The growth in importance of content marketing is not solely a North American phenomenon. UK marketers have also quickly incorporated the practice into their budgets, according to a November 2012 survey of UK marketers by content marketing agency NewsReach. Fully 78% of respondents said they had invested in content marketing, while only 19% said they did not.

The majority of UK marketers reported creating that content in-house, at 55%, but a further 40% said they worked with outside content creators.

UK Marketers Who Invest in Content Marketing, Nov 2012 (% of total)

Not only are such a high percentage already invested in content, but eight in 10 expected their content marketing spending to increase in 2013, while 17% thought they would spend the same amount of money. Clearly, a mass of marketers in the UK have seized upon the idea that consumers will increasingly encounter and respond to content marketing, whether online, via mobile browsing, or through social media platforms, and have adjusted their budgets accordingly.

Companies in the UK are also embracing the potential virality offered by social media sharing of content. Just over half of those polled said that industry news and blogs were the type of content most likely to be shared via a social platform, followed by infographics (18%), videos (27%) and white papers (4%). News and blogs are likely the most popular because they do the best job of engaging consumers.

That goal was reflected in the use of content marketing by professionals in the US, according to an August to September 2012 poll of US marketers conducted by digital content marketing company IMN. That survey found that the top two aims of their company’s content marketing were to engage with customers and other prospects, and to create awareness.

Goal of Their Company's Content Marketing Strategy According to US Marketing Professionals, Sep 2012 (% of total)

In a world where consumers are increasingly bombarded with messaging and imagery from all angles, content marketing can serve as a conversational channel, capturing eyeballs and forging connections when interruption marketing is being tuned out.

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