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UK Internet Users Ready to Bank with Biometric ID

Signing in to social media accounts with a fingerprint is out

February 4, 2016

UK internet users are comfortable with biometric identification when digitally banking, according to a January 2016 report.

Services for Which UK Internet Users Are Most Comfortable Using Biometric Identification, Sep 2015 (% of respondents)

According to the findings, from Experian/Lansons, 64% of those surveyed cited the service as the one that makes them most comfortable about biometric ID. They’re least comfortable with social media accounts when it comes to biometric identification—which follows a pattern of general distrust in social media by UK internet users. How do other services relate?

Just over half of UK internet users feel comfortable using biometric identification when it comes to authorizing payments, and another 43% were OK with signing in to email services biometrically.

It may be surprising that only 38% of respondents said they were comfortable with using biometric ID for pension access—but many respondents do not (yet) have a pension, and older respondents—who are more likely to collect one—are also likely to be the least comfortable group.

Products/Services for Which UK Internet Users Prefer to Apply vs. Manage Accounts Digitally, Sep 2015 (% of respondents)

There is also reason to believe that UK internet users often prefer to manage important money matters in person—or at least via analog channels. They most prefer to apply for car insurance digitally—54% of respondents say so—but only 30% want to manage them digitally. The majority of those surveyed prefer to both apply for and manage utilities like gas, water and electricity digitally, at 53% and 55%, respectively. Respondents would rather apply for a personal loan in person, however, as only 27% want to do so digitally. The same can be said for managing that loan, with 28% of respondents preferring digital management.

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