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In the UK, App Users Have Longest Sessions with Games

Overall, time spent with mobile devices is increasing

November 20, 2015

UK mobile users tend to use apps in brief bursts—sometimes just half a minute. Research suggests that mobile games hold interest the longest on a per-session basis.

Average Mobile App Session Duration Among UK Smartphone News Readers, by App Category, April-July 2015 (minutes)

Newsworks and YouGov tracked 1,242 UK smartphone users who were also readers of news websites or apps, during a three month period, from April through July 2015. During an average mobile gaming app session, UK smartphone news readers spent 5.3 minutes playing. Whether smartphone users avoid opening games unless they have time to play, or simply cannot tear themselves away, game developers and marketers can be confident that if a user opens a gaming app, she will spend a few minutes with it.

Respondents also spent a significant amount of time, an average of 3.4 minutes per session, with news apps, likely because reading an article takes more time than checking a social media update or looking at the latest weather update—an activity that, based on the research, takes less than a minute.

Sessions with hobbies and sports, jobs and education, audio, video and entertainment, as well as travel, transportation and navigation mobile apps averaged roughly two and a half minutes. UK smartphone news readers spent the least amount of time, less than a minute, on health and fitness, business and weather mobile apps.

App vs. Browser Share of UK Time Spent Using Mobile Internet, March 2015 (% of total)

Overall daily time spent with mobile devices among UK adults is growing. eMarketer estimates UK adults’ average total daily mobile time will reach 2 hours 24 minutes this year, up 27 minutes from 2014 and an almost fivefold increase from 2011, when that figure stood at just 31 minutes.

And mobile apps are indeed capturing the attention of users, as they are spending more time with their devices. In fact, a March 2015 study by comScore found that apps account for 81% of all time spent on mobile.

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