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Twitter Trails Facebook by a Long Shot in Canada

Nearly 60% of adults use Facebook, far higher than Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram usage

February 4, 2015

Facebook users in Canada access the social network nearly twice as often, on average, as Twitter users in the country do, according to January 2015 polling from Forum Research. Instagram was also accessed more times per week than Twitter by users in Canada.

Frequency of Visiting Social Networks Among Social Network Users in Canada, Jan 2015 (% of total)

Nearly half of Facebook users in Canada reported checking the site more than once per day, with another 26% logging on daily. Only 38% of Twitter users logged on at least daily, vs. 55% of Instagram users and 19% of LinkedIn users. Usage rates averaged out to nine Facebook visits, six Instagram visits, five Twitter visits and two LinkedIn visits weekly.

Of the four social networks studied, only Facebook was actually used by a majority of adults in Canada, at 59% this year. One-quarter had a Twitter profile, up slightly from 22% in 2012, while 30% were LinkedIn members and 16% had Instagram accounts.

Social Networks on Which Social Network Users in Canada Have a Profile, by Demographic, Jan 2015 (% of respondents in each group)

Across three of the four social networks studied, younger adults were most likely to have a profile. LinkedIn, with its professional slant, was the outlier, and was most likely to be used by those ages 45 to 54. Gender and language had varying effects on usage depending on the social network.

eMarketer estimates that by the end of 2015, 19.9 million people of all ages in Canada will use social networks at least once per month, including 18.5 million who will use Facebook and 6.8 million who will use Twitter.

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