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Twitter, Facebook User Growth Slowing in the UK

The smaller social network still enjoys 8.0% growth in users

August 10, 2016

Nearly 14 million people in the UK will use Twitter on a monthly basis this year, according to eMarketer’s latest forecast of internet and social network usage in the country. The monthly Twitter audience will grow 8.0% this year, more than twice the rate of growth for Facebook.

UK Facebook and Twitter User Growth, 2015-2020 (% change)

Twitter will grow its user base more than twice as fast as Facebook throughout eMarketer’s forecast period, even as Twitter’s growth slows to 3.1% by 2020.

Facebook—which has a much larger user base, at 31.6 million this year—is already growing at less than 4% annually in the UK.

The vast majority of Twitter users in the UK access the social network via mobile—about 95% of the total, or 13.0 million people.

UK Mobile Phone Twitter Users and Penetration, 2015-2020 (millions and % of mobile phone social network users)

That represents just under 41% of mobile phone social network users in the UK and 24.5% of mobile phone users in the country. 2016 will be the last year of double-digit growth in mobile phone Twitter users, and by 2020, 15.9 million people will use Twitter regularly via mobile phone.

Facebook, again, reaches more mobile phone users—25.6 million this year—but its penetration among mobile phone social network users is actually dropping, from 82.0% in 2015 to 80.5% in 2016. eMarketer does not expect its reach to hit 82.0% in our forecast period; instead it will hover between 80% and 81%.

Overall, eMarketer estimates that 31.6 million people in the UK will use social networks via smartphone at least once per month this year, up 8.6% over last year. By 2020, that figure will rise to 36.9 million.

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