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Tracking the Habits of New Zealand's Internet Users

Seven in 10 internet users spend at least 2 hours a day online

May 26, 2016

Consistent with patterns seen around the globe, internet users in New Zealand are spending more time online and using more devices to do so. According to a comprehensive new study released by the World Internet Project (WIP) and Auckland University of Technology, 70% of internet users in New Zealand spent 2 hours or more per day online, with 58% spending 3 hours or more.

Daily Time Spent Online Among Internet Users in New Zealand, Nov 2015 (% of respondents)

When considering devices used for internet access, laptops and mobile devices were by far the most popular methods for getting online. In WIP and Auckland University’s research, 75% obtained internet access using a laptop, while 74% used a mobile phone and 70% used a desktop computer.

The relatively high levels of daily time spent online and the wide variety of devices used is consistent with New Zealand's high level of internet penetration. Based on eMarketer’s own forecasts of internet user penetration among countries in Asia-Pacific, New Zealand ranked fourth among all markets in the region in 2016, with more than 79% of New Zealand’s population currently online.

Internet User Penetration in Asia-Pacific, by Country, 2014-2020 (% of population)

When considering New Zealand internet users’ typical daily and weekly internet activities, search and news come up as critical habits. Using search engines was the most popular digital activity in WIP and Auckland University’s study, with 88% of users in New Zealand indicating they used search daily or weekly. Looking for news was the second-most-popular activity, with 78% of users confirming they did so daily or weekly.

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