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Time Spent with Mobile Video in Japan Varies by Age

Viewing sessions are longest among young viewers

May 14, 2015

More than eight in 10 digital video viewers in Japan watch videos on their smartphones, according to November 2014 research from Yahoo. And many users are watching a lot of it—almost always for free.

Time Spent Viewing Smartphone Streaming Video per Session According to Smartphone Video Viewers in Japan, by Age, Nov 2014 (% of respondents in each group)

Older smartphone video viewers, the survey found, tended to watch snackable clips in short sessions. More than half of those over 50 said they typically had smartphone video viewing sessions of 3 minutes or less; 44.9% of those in their 40s said the same.

Longer sessions were more common among younger age groups, and respondents in their 20s were more likely to say they watched video in sessions of at least 10 minutes than in sessions of less than 3 minutes. And among the youngest group, those ages 16 to 19, 12.6% reported watching smartphone video for an hour or more at a time, vs. just 9.5% who watched for 3 minutes or less.

But the same users who watched video the longest were least likely to pay for it. Fully 93.0% of teen smartphone video viewers in Japan said they only watched free content.

Much of this smartphone video viewing is going on in the home, rather than out and about, which may account for the long periods of time in front of the small screen. More than three-quarters of teen respondents viewed smartphone video at home more than they did elsewhere, and that proportion fell only somewhat, to 63.9%, among respondents ages 50 and older.

Earlier research conducted by Google and TNS found that 74% of smartphone users in Japan watched mobile video, though many watched it infrequently—17% reported watching less than once per month.

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