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Tickets Top Australia's Digital Shopping Lists

Tickets, travel and downloads are among top ecommerce categories

January 15, 2016

Retail ecommerce spending in Australia surpassed $19 billion last year, eMarketer estimates, and research suggests the most common purchase categories include tickets, travel and apparel.

Top 20 Product Categories Purchased Digitally By Consumers in Australia, June 2015 (% of respondents)

In June 2015, according to Roy Morgan Research, tickets to shows, movies and events were the most common product category purchased via ecommerce channels in Australia. Just 6.5% of consumers in Australia who had made a digital purchase in the past four weeks had bought such tickets online. Travel tickets were slightly behind, at 6.4%.

Just over 5% of respondents had purchased women’s clothing or books via digital channels in the same period. Music to download and ebooks followed closely.

About a third of retail ecommerce spending in Australia goes to department and variety stores, according to National Australia Bank (NAB). The second-largest slice (17.2%) goes to housewares and appliances, with another 15% of ecommerce spending going to groceries and liquor.

Earlier data on average ecommerce order values indicates consumers in Australia spend the most on digital purchases of housewares and small appliances, followed by luxury goods.

eMarketer estimates that 12.4 million people in Australia will make at least one digital purchase this year, up from 12.1 million in 2015. Retail ecommerce sales will rise by 8.6% this year to $20.66 million, or 6.3% of total retail sales in the country.

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