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Technology Helps to Personalize at Scale

There are benefits to using personalized content

January 26, 2016

When it comes to personalization, marketers may still be stuck on the basics. However, many agree that technology is making it much more straightforward to personalize at scale, according to September 2015 research.

In fact, more than three-quarters of client-side marketers worldwide said just that in a survey from Econsultancy. Some 21% of respondents remained neutral about it and 4% disagreed.

And while 42% of respondents said that personally identifiable information is needed for true personalization, almost the same percentage were neutral about it. Similarly, 41% of client-side marketers said contextualization is more important than personalization and 51% were neutral.

Furthermore, though 21% of respondents said the experience needs to be completely unique to the individual to be truly personalized—and 31% felt neutral about it—almost half (46%) of client-side marketers disagreed.

Attitudes toward personalization may vary, but there are benefits to using enriched and personalized content to drive engagement and conversions.

According to June 2015 data from the CMO Council, higher response and engagement rates are the No. 1 reason to using personalized content. Senior marketers worldwide also said that timely and relevant interactions, greater customer affinity and more persuasive communication were also leading benefits.

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