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Tech Marketers Embrace Marketing Tech

Professionals in other sectors lag behind and cite challenges

May 4, 2016

Marketers who work in technology are the most likely to work with technology, according to January research.

Level of Technology Adoption Among Tech vs. Nontech Marketers Worldwide, Jan 2016 (% of respondents)

When LinkedIn surveyed marketing professionals around the world about their experience with marketing tech adoption, they split the results depending on whether the marketer studied worked in the tech sector, or in any other business. In general, marketers in the tech sector were more likely to be further along in their adoption of marketing technology.

For example, 14% of tech sector marketers were innovators in the space, vs. 10% of their counterparts in other businesses. Overall, 71% of marketers who worked in tech were at least somewhat early in their adoption of tech for marketing, while the same was true of 65% of other marketers.

One reason for tech marketers’ early tech adoption could be the fact that the tech marketers surveyed were far more likely to work for business-to-business firms, which have been cited as early adopters of marketing tech in general due to the vagaries of the long B2B sales funnel. About eight in 10 tech marketers surveyed by LinkedIn worked for a B2B, vs. 51% of nontech marketers.

Tech marketers also suggested marketing tech was no sweat for them: They didn’t mention it as a top challenge of their job, whereas their counterparts outside the tech sector said it was their biggest one.

Still, marketing technology adoption can be a complex process, involving choosing from a panoply of options, finding budget for new tools, getting approvals throughout the organization, integrating new systems into existing ones and more.

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