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Tech Dominates Women's Digital Shopping Carts in Latin America

Health and beauty products also perform well

March 16, 2016

Female digital buyers in multiple countries in Latin America made purchases in technology most often, according to a March 2016 report from Linio. Female buyers in Ecuador lead the way, with 56% of retail ecommerce purchases falling under this category.

Retail Ecommerce Purchase Share Among Female Digital Buyers in Select Countries in Latin America, by Product Category, 2015 (% of total on Linio's platform)

In Argentina, nearly half of retail ecommerce purchases made by women were tech; in Mexico, that figure was 26%. However, health and beauty also carried a significant share in most countries—nearly half of the purchases in Chile were health and beauty, and 30% of the share in Colombia. Other categories consistently carried smaller shares (although 28% of retail ecommerce purchases went to accessories in Peru).

Women ages 25 to 34 made up the largest share of the female digital buyer population across all countries in the Linio report; in Mexico, nearly half of female digital buyers came from that age range, while Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Chile all had a 44% share for those ages 25 to 34.

Female Digital Buyer Share in Select Countries in Latin America, by Age, 2015 (% of total on Linio's platform)

Meanwhile, few women over 55 make digital purchases; none of the countries surveyed had a share over 6%. And while, in Peru, 24% of female digital buyers were ages 18 to 24, in Argentina the figure was just 11%, which suggests that youth in and of itself is not a surefire key to digital purchasing.

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