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TV Delivered Solid Results for France's Advertisers Last Year

Over 60% of TV ad campaigns prompted an immediate sales boost

May 2, 2017 | Media | Ad Spending

TV remains hugely influential in France, and continues to perform well for advertisers and marketers, judging by the latest annual report from the Syndicat National de la Publicité Télévisée (SNPTV), the national association for television advertising.

Despite the profusion of digital devices, television is still preferred to all other screens, among all age groups; in fact, residents ages 13 and older had an average of 15.1 exposures to TV daily last year, according to Médiamétrie. TV accounted for 37.9% of total media time each day for adults in France in 2016—a larger share than any other medium, eMarketer estimates. And in 2017, eMarketer predicts, adults in France will spend an average of 3 hours 51 minutes every day with TV.

TV also dominates France’s advertising landscape—eMarketer projects it will account for $3.65 billion in ad spending in 2017.

Total Media Ad Spending in France, by Media, 2017 (billions)

For most residents, the TV experience has improved significantly in recent years—which adds to the impact of TV advertising. Over 88% of households in France had an HDTV in 2016, for example, and 56.6% of the population lived in a home with connected TV, according to Médiamétrie. Moreover, among the much targeted audience of young adults ages 18 to 40, TV was cited most often as the medium through which they preferred to receive advertising, Neon and Prisma Media Solutions reported.

Preferred Media Channel for Ads According to Young Adult* Internet Users in France, June 2016 (% of respondents)

Overall, TV advertising did lead to greater purchasing of the goods and services advertised. SNPTV found that 62% of TV campaigns had an immediate impact on sales volume. In the short term, TV boosted sales by 23%, on average.

But TV also worked well as the foundation of wider, coordinated marketing efforts. According to 2016 MarketingScan data cited by SNPTV, 74% of TV campaigns in France boosted sales if those TV ads were used in conjunction with in-store promotions.

In addition, brands mounting TV ads in 2016 saw, on average, a 44% rise in natural traffic to their websites during the period of their TV campaigns, according to data from Realytics.

Karin von Abrams

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