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In Southeast Asia, Thailand Sees High Video Ad Volume

Mobile ad completion rates are skyrocketing in Indonesia

July 21, 2016 | Advertising

More desktop digital video ads are served in Thailand per day on TubeMogul’s programmatic platform than any other country in Southeast Asia, according to TubeMogul’s Q1 2016 quarterly update. Meanwhile, Indonesia leads the region in daily mobile video ads on the platform (including pre-roll and in-app ads on mobile phones and tablets).

Digital Video Ad Volume in Thailand, by Device, Q1 2016

According to eMarketer’s April 2016 estimate, there are 161.4 million mobile phone users in Indonesia, compared to Thailand’s 46.7 million users, so the fact that there are 22.4 million daily mobile video ads on TubeMogul’s ad platform in Indonesia is perhaps surprising. After all, with over 100 million more mobile phone users than Thailand, having only 8 million more daily ads suggests a heavier ad presence per user in Thailand.

But it also seems that the mobile market in Indonesia is rapidly rising.

Completion Rates for Digital Video Ads in Indonesia, by Device, Q1 2015-Q1 2016 (based on impressions served on the TubeMogul platform)

For example, on TubeMogul, at least, Q1 2015 saw a completion rate of just 30% for mobile digital video ads in Indonesia; by Q1 2016, that figure had soared to 77%. Conversely, desktop ad completion rates are steadily dropping, from 75% in Q1 2015 to 50% by Q1 2016.

The picture in Thailand, meanwhile, is a bit less clear. Desktop video ads are yo-yoing between about 70% and the low 60% range, and the trend seems generally to be declining.

Mobile ads, rebounding from a severe plunge to just a 9% completion rate in Q2 2015, are hovering around 40%. So while Thailand sees more desktop ads than anywhere else in the region, it appears that, at least with regard to mobile ads, Indonesia is on the rise.

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