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Social, Video Make Moves in Mexico's Display Ad Market

Display is the No. 1 digital ad format in the country

September 19, 2014

Spending on paid media in Mexico is rising at a healthy pace and will total $5.15 billion in 2014, eMarketer estimates. Ad spending in practically every channel and format are expected to outpace estimated GDP growth of between 2% and 3% this year, according to a new eMarketer report, “Mexico Ad Spending 2014 & 2015: Digital Share Increases in a Still TV-Centric Market.”

Digital Ad Spending in Mexico, by Format, 2013-2018 (billions)

TV continues to take the lion’s share of ad budgets, making up roughly two-thirds of overall spend. Digital is still relatively small compared with TV, accounting for about one-fifth of total spending this year, but is increasing considerably faster than any other channel.

Display remains the leading digital format for advertising in Mexico, with $636.48 million and a 61.0% share of paid digital media expenditures in 2014, eMarketer estimates. That figure is up 33.1% from a year earlier and will be followed by a 21.8% improvement that will push digital display ad spending to $775.20 million in 2015.

While banners represent the bulk of investments in display advertising in Mexico, the Interactive Advertising Bureau México (IAB México) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) found that they expanded by a mere 6% in 2013.

Online Display Ad Revenue Share in Mexico, by Format, 2012 & 2013 (% of total)

Expenditures in social media and digital video advertising, on the other hand, registered triple-digit expansions—or just shy of it—in the past two years. According to IAB México and PwC, social media ad spending improved by 94% and 155%, respectively, in 2012 and 2013. The same study found that advertisers more than tripled their investments in digital video in 2012 and doubled them the following year.

The growth of social and video spending means that traditional banners will make up a smaller portion of overall display spending. IAB México and PwC found that banners and rich media took 77% of the display market in 2012, compared with social media claiming 12% and digital video getting the remaining 11%. One year later, the landscape had changed dramatically, with banners and rich media reduced to a 61% share. There is little reason to think the trend will be any different in 2014. Indeed, it is likely to have accelerated thanks to the better-than-expected performance delivered by Mexico’s national team during the World Cup and the heavy social component attached to the event.

Get more on this topic with the full eMarketer report, “Mexico Ad Spending 2014 & 2015: Digital Share Increases in a Still TV-Centric Market.”

This report answers these key questions:

  • What is the outlook for total media, digital and mobile ad spending in Mexico this year and next year?
  • How much will advertisers in Mexico spend on traditional, digital and mobile formats in 2014 and 2015?
  • What advertising trends do brands, agencies and marketers expect to catch on in the next 12 months?

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