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Social Users in Norway Smile for Snapchat and Instagram

Younger female internet users most likely to adopt newer social networks

January 16, 2014 | Social Media

Facebook user penetration in Norway is the highest in the world, eMarketer estimates, at 61.1% of the population, compared with just 16.5% worldwide. And reach among internet users of all ages is the second highest, at 70.2%. While Facebook remains the top platform of choice in the country, research by Ipsos MMI found that more internet users were logging on to newer social networks—particularly those focused around photo- and video-sharing.

In the November 2013 study, more than three-quarters of internet users 18 and older said they had a Facebook profile—the most popular social platform cited by a long shot. No other social network came close, with No. 2 Spotify claiming just 33.3% of internet users. These low penetration levels indicate that newer social platforms have plenty of room for growth.

Social Media Users in Norway, by Site, Nov 2013 (% of internet users)

However, when looking at social media user growth in Norway by network, newer, less-saturated social platforms such as Snapchat (21.2% of internet users) and Instagram (23.2%) appeared to be picking up the pace. In particular, the former saw tremendous growth between spring 2013 and fall 2013, nearly doubling its user base as it climbed from 432,000 users to 831,000 users. Instagram experienced the second-highest increase (37.7%) in number of users, which totaled 913,000 in fall 2013. Due to its already wide reach, Facebook saw a gain of just 0.5%.

Social Media Users in Norway, by Site, Spring 2013 & Fall 2013 (thousands and % change)

Female internet users—and younger ones in particular—were leading adoption of the up-and-coming social platforms. Nearly seven in 10 women ages 18 to 29 told Ipsos MMI that they used Snapchat, compared with 64% of men in the age group. Similarly, almost six in 10 females in the 18-to-29 age bracket had an Instagram profile. Half of male respondents in that age demographic belonged to the social network.

Overall, 24% of females and 19% of males in Norway said they used Snapchat, and 27% of women and 19% of men reported the same for Instagram.


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