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Social Sharing of Articles Varies by Publisher

Nearly all Upworthy articles go on Facebook; Mashable content more evenly shared across different networks

September 10, 2014

With Facebook still reigning as the largest social network, it’s no surprise that it sees the most sharing of content—by a long shot. According to an August 2014 report from marketing consultancy agency Fractl and social media analytics tool BuzzSumo, 81.9% of articles shared socially were done so on Facebook. The analysis of 2.6 billion social media shares of 1 million articles from H1 2014 found that Twitter was a distant second, with 8.6% of shares, followed by Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn, in that order.

Share of Articles Shared via Social Networks Worldwide, by Site, H1 2014 (% of total)

But that breakdown varied moderately depending on the publisher of the article. Upworthy’s mission-driven content is fitting for a platform where followers can easily discuss and debate topics. It follows that nearly 100% of Upworthy articles were shared on Facebook. Mashable content, which comprises all things digital, was shared a bit more evenly across different social networks. Facebook still got the bulk of Mashable article shares, but Twitter and LinkedIn saw approximately one-quarter each.

Social Network Referral Share for Articles Worldwide, by Publisher Site, H1 2014 (% of total)

Pinterest is heavily driven by do-it-yourself and how-to content, so it didn’t get much action from news publishers, but BuzzFeed listicles are well suited for the platform. Nearly one in 10 BuzzFeed articles were shared on Pinterest.

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