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Social Networking Tops Mobile Activities in Thailand

On tablets and smartphones alike, social is No. 1

November 23, 2015

Social networking is a more popular activity on smartphone in Thailand than voice calls, according to research from DI Marketing.

Leading Smartphone Activities of Smartphone Users in Thailand, by Age, Oct 2015 (% of respondents in each group)

The October 2015 survey found that more than eight in 10 smartphone users in the Southeast Asian country visit social networks on their mobile devices. That was 6 points ahead of phone call penetration among smartphone users in the country—which itself was just 1 point ahead of taking photos or selfies.

Smartphone social networking was most popular among survey respondents ages 26 to 30, of whom 91% participated in the activity. But even among older respondents, three in four visited social networks from their smartphones.

May 2015 research from the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) also found that social networking was the No. 1 activity on mobile devices, though that survey did not ask about voice calls and included both smartphone and tablet users. That survey also broke respondents down into more age groups, and found that among mobile users in Thailand ages 51 to 69, 65.3% conducted social networking activities on their mobile devices.

According to the ETDA research, 83.9% of female internet users in Thailand, and 79.6% of their male counterparts, also used a smartphone. DI Marketing reported that virtually all internet users in the country owned at least one smartphone, however. Smartphone ownership was least likely among internet users under 18: 13% of this group said they did not use one.

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