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Social Network Users: Singapore

December 21, 2015

A small but affluent and digitally advanced country, Singapore will boast Southeast Asia's highest internet user penetration rate and the world's widest rate of smartphone adoption. This year it will also be the only country in the region where more than half of the total population uses social networks.

Several factors have contributed to Singapore’s advancements in digital technology. It is a relatively small, urban country consisting of well-educated and wealthy citizens. In 2015, three out of every four residents will use the internet at least once per month, a figure well above that in any other country in Southeast Asia. It also has the highest smartphone user penetration in the world.

Key Insights:

  • Singapore has benefitted from a strong digital infrastructure and has the highest internet penetration rate in Southeast Asia.
  • Internet users in the country embrace social networking.
  • Singapore is a highly developed mobile market, with the vast majority of social network users on a mobile device.

With its citizens’ high digital affinity, it is no surprise that internet users in Singapore have embraced social networking. eMarketer predicts that 73.3% of the country’s internet users will have a social network account and engage with it at least once per month this year. In all, more than half of Singapore’s population will use social networks in 2015, the highest rate among the countries in Southeast Asia measured by eMarketer. (The others are Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.)

Social Network Users and Penetration in Singapore, 2014-2019

Today, Facebook dominates Singapore’s social networking landscape, with nine in 10 of the country’s social network users and just over half of the country’s population overall active on that network, eMarketer estimates.

Facebook Users and Penetration in Singapore, 2014-2019

Despite Singapore being a predominantly English-speaking country, Twitter has not reached the same levels of popularity there as Facebook. This year, 14% of the country’s social network users will use the service, the lowest level among the Southeast Asian countries tracked by eMarketer.

Twitter Users and Penetration in Singapore, 2014-2019

Singapore boasts the widest rate of smartphone adoption in the world, with 70.5% of the overall population using the devices in 2015. What’s more, Singapore also boasts some of the fastest mobile data speeds in the Southeast Asia and Oceania region. A June 2015 Ericsson report ranked Singapore highest in the region by median mobile data download speeds, ahead of Australia and Thailand, thanks to the increased investments in LTE networks.

Data-intensive activities like social networking and video streaming have benefitted from the country’s fast mobile networks. eMarketer estimates nearly 90% of Singapore’s social network users will access those networks via a mobile phone in 2015 and this figure will increase to 94.5% by 2019.

Mobile Phone Social Network Users and Penetration in Singapore, 2014-2019

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