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Social Media Plays a Central Role in Mediaocean's CRM

July 19, 2013 | B2B | Social Media

Maria Pousa
Senior Vice President, Global Marketing

Mediaocean, an advertising software developer and services firm, showcases its clients’ social media chatter on its website’s front page. Maria Pousa, the firm’s newly hired senior vice president of global marketing, believes this is a great way to expand partnerships. Pousa spoke with eMarketer for the B2B Perspective series about what’s next for Mediaocean’s social media strategy—including how she plans for it to grow.

eMarketer: How is Mediaocean using social media in the business-to-business (B2B) space?

Maria Pousa: Social media is one of the different activities we do to push out news and initiatives. It’s part of how we engage the community. Our account managers are the first touchpoint with our customer base, so that’s a much more personal and face-to-face type of communication. Since we have 90% of the marketplace in our system, concerns about shortening the sales cycle or bringing in a new customer base are really marginal for us.

eMarketer: Why does Mediaocean’s website link to social media feeds from partners?

Pousa: The main reason is that it helps us stay connected with them, and it’s a fantastic tool to see what’s going on with our customers. Bringing them on our homepage is another way of showcasing our partnerships. It’s also a fantastic way of raising awareness about who our partners are and who works with us. However, we are also seeking to expand our partnerships and bring in the rest of the community, like Nielsen, comScore, and other partners, and facilitate a process of connecting traditional media and digital media.

“Probably around 10% of our marketing budget goes to social media. ... We’re looking at increasing our presence.”

eMarketer: How much of your marketing budget goes to social media? Is that growing?

Pousa: Probably around 10% of our marketing budget goes to social media, and we are in the process of doing all the planning for the rest of 2013. We are looking to 2014. We’re obviously not going to decrease our budget. We’re looking at increasing our presence and having even more initiatives run through our social media channels. We’ll definitely increase our efforts.

eMarketer: Has Twitter proved productive for you in terms of lead generation?

Pousa: For lead generation, it’s primarily two channels—LinkedIn and Twitter. We have been using them to achieve two things: raise awareness of our new initiatives or platforms, or products we are releasing to the marketplace, and also to keep our community engaged.

Bill Wise, CEO, has been in this industry for a really long time, and he is our company spokesperson. He really engages on our Twitter account. Most of the initiatives happen on Twitter—it’s our main channel.

eMarketer: How do you use LinkedIn? Is that a different focus?

Pousa: LinkedIn is a fantastic tool in terms of raising awareness and keeping engagement, as well as for our staff and the account managers who manage the day-to-day with our agencies. Everybody’s connected. Several of our clients are connected on LinkedIn. It’s a fantastic tool to push out news through a much more connected level, because these are the people who really trust you and have agreed to connect with you on LinkedIn.

Besides posting from the company’s LinkedIn page, our staff members also post on their personal accounts. It facilitates that conversation with our customers, as well as our hiring and HR initiative.

eMarketer: Are you looking at other social media sites such as Google+ or YouTube?

Pousa: Certainly we’re looking into YouTube. We haven’t done much video yet. I’m a firm believer in having engaging content, rather than having talking heads, so we will be looking into our video engagement and what kind of video content we want to produce and put out in the market. We will definitely be looking into Vimeo as well. Our customers, the agencies and our agencies’ customers who are marketers have embraced video. We’re in the advertising business, so we should also embrace the same tools our customers embrace.

eMarketer: Is Mediaocean using any paid advertising on social media?

“Most of the initiatives happen on Twitter—it’s our main channel.”

Pousa: Not yet, but I’m not too sure if we will. This is something we are evaluating.

eMarketer: How does your employees’ activity on social media help with B2B marketing?

Pousa: It helps on an engagement level, on the lead generation level and with our existing partners to maintain their awareness. And it helps push initiatives. This is valuable because [a lot of our business is about] trust. Someone you’re connected to on LinkedIn is someone who trusts you with that connection. So when we are pushing out those initiatives, it’s also coming from a framework of trust. We are careful about what we push, and we try not to overwhelm our partners and connections with the amount of news we put out.

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