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Social Media Engagement, Content Marketing Prove Key in Canada

Marketers found website development to be crucial to success, as well

June 15, 2016

Over 80% of marketers in Canada said they conducted social media engagement activities in February 2016, making social engagement the No. 1 digital marketing activity conducted. Research by Ignite Digital reveals that another 80% say they conduct website development activities.

Digital Marketing Activities Conducted by Marketers in Canada, Feb 2016 (% of respondents)

Over half of marketers in Canada conducted search engine optimization (SEO) activities; nearly half conducted general search engine marketing activities. But for all the buzz around mobile apps, only about a quarter of those surveyed developed any.

Almost 65% said they monitored social media in February 2016. Digital marketers in Canada clearly find great importance in social media—both engaging with customers, and tracking trends and developments.

Digital Marketing Activities that Will Be Most Important in 2016 According to Marketers in Canada (% of respondents)

When it comes to predicting what activities will be most important over the course of 2016, marketers in Canada most commonly said content marketing. But again social media engagement will be critical—nearly 20% of those surveyed find it to be one of the most important activities in 2016. And, of course, much content created for marketing is itself distributed via social media, creating engagement there. No other activity saw a response rate higher than 13%.

The attention paid to content and social media makes sense: About 80% of those surveyed say that social media marketing contributes to marketing success, while another 78% say that content creation and management does as well. Again, marketers see the value in SEO as well—nearly 78% find it to contribute to success.

Just 39% said they find mobile app development to aid in marketing success. So while mobile apps may be trendy, marketers in Canada are far more concerned with their social media presences, as well as the content on offer.

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